(All monies are listed in U.S. currency)
Cost with Contact Plates
Cost with ATP Swabs

1. Bioburden Analysis (Textile Analysis)

Includes aerobic plate count, yeast and mold and spore forming testing for 3 types of linen (cotton, polyester, and blend)

2. Contact Surface Testing

  • Contact plate testing (10 plates)

  • ATP Analysis (10 swabs) 

3. Air Sampling (3 plates)

4. Laundry Process Water Analysis

    (3 bottles)

5. Hand Hygiene Testing (3 kits)



(All monies are listed in U.S. currency)

Cost with Contact Plates
Per Test
Cost with ATP Swabs
Per Test

Bi-Monthly Test Package

(includes all 5 tests, performed 6 times in a year)


Quarterly Test Package

(includes all 5 tests, performed 4 times in a year)


Semi-Annual Test Package

(includes all 5 tests, performed 2 times in a year)


Annual Package

(includes all 5 tests, performed 1 time in a year)

  • All monies are listed in U.S. currency

  • HLAC Laundry Process Monitoring ToolKit™  fee must be paid prior to the Test Kit being sent to the Laundry Organization.

Subscription ToolKit Rates are provided for laundry organizations.

  • Laundry Organizations may choose testing: Bi-Annually, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually.

  • Subscription ToolKit Testing Rates may be applied to a laundry with one facility or across multiple facilities.

Example 1:  A single-facility laundry may order the quarterly testing package and spread out its testing annually every three months for that one facility.

Example 2:  A multiple-facility laundry, for example with four facilities, purchasing the same quarterly testing package, may apply a single test to each of its four laundries. 

  • HLAC Laundry Process Monitoring ™  fee must be paid prior to the ToolKit being sent.

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Important Notice about the HLAC Laundry Process Monitoring ToolKit™ Program


HLAC does not have access to an individual Laundry’s analysis and compilation of its test results.  HLAC will have no obligation or liability of any kind to the Laundry for problems caused by the laboratory or the Laundry including, without limitation, the Laundry’s: failure to follow the laboratories’ written instructions; use of a ToolKit with materials not supplied by the laboratory; misuse or improper use of a ToolKit; or failure to properly store or ship any ToolKits or test samples.  Analysis and compilation of test results may be compromised if the Laundry fails to follow the ToolKit instructions.  HLAC DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR THE ACTIONS OR OMISSIONS OF PARTICIPATING LAUNDRIES AND THE LABORATORY.